We provide Wens Lens & Aulektro Brand Welding Lenses. We specialize in distributing the Best Welding Lens in the World ! The only thing we do other than sell Ultra Blue Welding Lenses is ship them directly to you. These welding lens are currently available in shades 8-13, standard size of 2" X 4.25" ( ULTRA also available by SPECIAL ORDER 4 1/2 by 5 1/4) and "YES", they are a Gold Mirrored Lens ! This New Ultra Cool Blue Welding Lens should be included as part of your Everyday Welding Supplies !!!

Wens Lens Ultra Blue Video

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Aulektro Lens

This is NOT the Wens Lens ULTRA, this is an Aulektro Blue/Aqua. The ULTRA is a MUCH DEEPER BLUE!!!